Samuel D. Schmid

Political Scientist


Work in progress

I currently focus on two research areas. The first expands my analysis of the openness-egalitarianism puzzle - the question to what extent domestic degrees of equality and inclusion depend on the degree of external societal closure. The second strand offers fresh takes on two topics: policy diffusion and voting rights extensions to migrants and kin minorities.

The openness-egalitarianism puzzle

Working papers

Do Inclusive Democracies Need Closed Borders? The Conditional Association Between Immigration and Citizenship Regimes

The Effect of Immigration Policy Liberalization on Naturalization Propensity in Western Europe

New perspectives on inclusion and diffusion

Book project

Beyond Inclusion: Rethinking the Transnational Expansion of Electorates

Working paper

Beyond Liberalism: Explaining the Diffusion of Liberal and Illiberal Asylum Policies Across the Globe

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